Manufacturing program

Metal forming with various punching processes on eccentric presses is the basis of the production program, which has begun at the same time as the company was established and has long represented the bulk of production in the company RUNK.

ProductsStamping of products depends on production quantities, type of product, etc.

It is manual, partially automated or fully automated. In our workshop, the products can also be deburred, joined by spot welding, threaded into, and mechanically riveted. These technologies are also included in our regular production processes.

RUNK products are of high quality, from the simplest to more complicated designs.

At the customer's request, the products are thermally treated and galvanically protected (galvanizing, nickel plating, silvering, etc.). For this purpose, we cooperate with many “recognized” subcontractors.

To ensure that the production process is smooth, we use efficient means for “transport”, “lifting”, weighing and measuring.

Production planning, preparation and its control are supported by modern computer and software technology.

WorkshopWe use eccentric presses with a force from 10T to 105T. Stamping can be done on tools with a maximum size of 1000x600.

At RUNK, we strive to plan error-free processes in a timely manner, prevent errors at source, and continuously improve the entire supply process from the customer's first demand to the serial production and use of products. Active support and participation of suppliers in this process is indispensable.

Because we are a company that manufactures precision elements, it is not possible to go about without a strict and controlled implementation of quality. We take care of the measurements on intermediate goods as well as the calibration and suitability of the measuring tools. All products are subject to intermediate and final control according to the recommendations of the ISO 9001 standard.
To perform measurements, we use moving gauges, micrometers, calibers, etc.
Measurements are performed both manually as well as by using a TESA Viso DCC measuring machine. All measurement results are recorded and archived. The accuracy of our measurements is ensured by using state-of-the-art measuring equipment. 

All materials used are certified.Workshop
All material is stored in an orderly and transparent shelving warehouse.

Upon receiving the material, we perform both a quantitative and a qualitative control. This allows us to ensure that the quantities entered in the information system are always up-to-date and consistent with the physical stock, while ensuring the appropriate quality of the material.

In 2005, we added a professional set assembly to the basic program.


Since 2009, we have placed great emphasis on the production of tools so that we can enable the customer to produce a product from a conceptual...

Metal forming with various punching processes on eccentric presses is the basis of the production program, which has begun at the same time as the...

Modern machinery

The production encompasses modern machines and equipment, which enable to reach the highest quality standards.

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